Valley Youth Fiddlers

Fiddlers in the World of Covid

Posted on March 29, 2021

It has certainly been an odd year. We started off our season with an approved covid safety plan that would see us all playing music together. Well in two large groups but still making music in a room with other instruments. It was a great start but things soon changed. The health order came that all group activities had to end and we had to adapt going fully online again. Then a few weeks later came the directive that youth activities could continue under strict rules and plans and so we were able to meet in person again but youth only and this is how we have continued for much of the year. Members under 18years of age meet in person, wearing masks, and spaced 6ft apart. Group leaders are even further apart. Adults we have to bring in on zoom. We have added a sound system, wireless mics, and some computer and video equipment to make the online experience as best as we can for the adults. We are working on some new tunes and hope to be able to bring live music to you again in the future.

Fond Farewells

Posted on June 2, 2020

Every year we have a couple of our advanced fiddlers graduate highschool and head off to the great wide world to further their studies and broaden their horizons. This year we say farewell to Zaya Ansgar and Hanneliese Laskowski. They both started with fiddlers at a young age and worked their way up through the ranks to not only be advanced fiddlers but also mentors to the younger ones. To send them off we had tunes written for them by some of their favourite mentors, Daniel Lapp and Gordon Stobbe. We wish them all the best in their future.

Here though is a look at their past in the Valley Youth Fiddlers performance of a Fiddle History of Canada.


The Show Must Go On…

Posted on March 23, 2020

Well eventually anyway the show will go on. For now VYF is keeping our practice up so we dont loose all the amazing songs we have been working on but also we are using the time to polish up parts. But how can we do that in the time of social distancing you ask? Technology! We tried out our first online practice using Zoom. Due to the time lag we cant all play together but we can have one person lead and the rest of us play along at home. Because we have spent so much time together our Musical Director Leslie Jean pretty much knows what we are going to make mistakes on and reminds us of the tricky bits before we start. Also because it is visual we can work on our dance moves and stage presence. We will probably try smaller sectionals as well which will allow for more back and forth and each musician can play the piece so LJ knows where we are at. Right now its great, if you make a mistake, no one hears you. So we are going to keep this community and Tanglewood vibe going as we wait for a time when we can bring the show live to you.

Tanglewood Southern Tour Cancelled

Posted on March 19, 2020

Unfortunately VYF has had to make the decision to cancel our Tanglewood Southern Tour. This is a very sad decision but an inevitable one given the provincial and global situation surrounding Covid-19. Tanglewood has been 3 years in the making and we do not make this decision easily but it is the right thing to do.

This does not however mean that this is the end for Tanglewood. We have dates in Smithers in June that are still currently a go depending how the situation evolves. We also have dates planned for the North next fall and we will be discussing options for other tours in the future.

If you had already purchased tickets, refunds will be available through our online ticket sales platform Brown Paper Tickets.

During this difficult time please take care of each other, practice social distancing and enjoy many of the free online concerts that the arts community are putting on.

Sincerely, VYF