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The Valley Youth Fiddlers are guided by six fundamental principles, which work together to create “a unique experience for youth”, families and the community.


  • Family and friends are brought together through music.
  • Seasoned members act as role models and mentor new members.
  • An intergenerational model is used; the group is non-hierarchical and non-competitive.
  • The atmosphere of the group emphasizes fun through learning.
  • The group is inclusive, in that every youth who fiddles Cabbages may join and is an equal and valued member of the group.
  • A spirit of generosity is fostered and encouraged among members.


  • Expressiveness is emphasized and players are encouraged in “give-and-take” with the audience.
  • Performances are non-verbal for the most part, so connection with the audience is made in other ways; for example, through facial expression.
  • This assists the manner in which the emotional impact of the various pieces (joy, sorrow, etc.) is conveyed.

Family Focus

  • Family members of a fiddler are encouraged to play as backup and/or participate in VYF events.
  • Parents are welcome and are encouraged to be present at practices and performances.
  • Parents remain responsible for the supervision of their children less than 16 years old. They may make arrangements to delegate this responsibility to another parent.
  • Parents are expected to actively support the group, as well as to participate with their children and support them.


  • Players are given musical direction, support and structure in a safe environment.
  • Life-long skills are developed.
  • Players are strongly encouraged to learn fiddle music in the traditional way: by rote or by ear.
  • Players learn to evaluate and appreciate good-quality, traditional music.


  • The Valley Youth Fiddlers are committed to creating opportunities to perform and share our music in our home community.
  • The group is dedicated to playing great tunes, and playing them well.
  • Valley Youth Fiddlers will continue to support the terrific experiences provided through out of community tours and festivals.

Self Respect

  • Players gain a feeling of accomplishment through hard work.
  • Passion for music and performance is fostered and encouraged.
  • Players develop confidence as musicians and performers.
  • Pride and a sense of belonging are the by-products of membership in this dynamic, proficient, and exuberant group of young musicians.